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Working women please take care of your hair

  1. Understand your hair:

Just take a look at your hair. You can clearly  understand whats lacking isn’t it. You can easily get  what your hair wants in clearly looking at your hair.Most of the woman tends to have dry hair and can see  split-ends over their hair mainly because of the  following reasons:

  1. Over Expose to Sun
  2. working at air-conditioned place for hours
  3. Food habits
  4. Some people do not even drink water
  5. Unhealthy ways of treating hair like using hair

straightening irons in incorrect way.

  1. too much usage of blow driers
  2. Over shampooing and using any hair care

lotions/shampoos which they find attractive in shops.

  1. If your showering in hard water.

Healthy and Lustrous Hair has been a dream for everyone, especially woman. Every woman wants to wear different hair style and look beautiful. But todays  way of living is becoming a barrier in achieving their  dream.

Now a days taking care of hair has become an important  task in our day to day life and we rarely find time to  take care of it in our busy speedy life style. What  everyone wants is a beautiful, shiny and a healthy  hair.Do we take proper hair care and are we taking  care in the right path? This question popups to almost  everyone of us.

In olden days, woman stayed at home, taking care of  their household things. They had an ample time in  taking care of their beauty. But woman now are  working, spending most of their times at their  workplace,being stressed and pressured. And when they  return back home, all they have time is to eat and  sleep. Do you think the food we have now a days is  nutritious enough?

Ok enough of stories and here i dive into the information of hair care tips especially for working  woman. So what you need to do?

2.Spend time

All you need to do is to have confidence and trust in your hair. Spend atleast 10 mins of your time daily  for your care . Most women tend to shower their hair daily so that  they feel fresh and oil free. Oily hair sometimes  feels irritated and they tend to smudge over the face  and makes our day at work frustrated. So it ok to wash  your hair as it removes excess oil and dirt and keeps  your hair fresh. But please note to avoid shampoo’s  with too much chemicals especially the ones which  comes under SLS category.They make your hair more dry.

Go for shampoo rich in moisturizers and proteins,  preferably with Sea Kelp and Almond.

You spend atleast 10 hours outside  (work+travel+parties+restaurants etc) and dont laze  away when you are back at home. Spend a little time  for your hair and skin :) It wont cost you more than  10 mins isn’t it.

Apply coconut oil or Almond oil to your hair and  gently comb it. Remove tangles and keep it  conditioned. Coconut oil is the best and natural hair  care expert and it is also a natural conditioner. That  is why Indian woman tend to have black and shiny hair.  If possible plait your hair before you go to sleep.

  1. Weekends Massage

At weekends massage your hair with heated coconut oil or olive oil. Olive oil is one of the best hair  conditioner and you can see it with your own eyes  after you’ve applied it.

Read the below link for more details.

You can also prepare herbal hair mask using curd, egg white etc. Please avoid wearing henna hair mask frequently as it adds more dryness to your hair.

Please avoid mechanisms that make your hair dry as much as possible. Because dry hair tends to go thin and become brittle and at last they break off. And make your hair more moisturized.

Just perform these changes and see the difference.

  1. Healthy Diet

It is not enough to take care of your hair externally. It also requires to take care of your body health. Proper diet is also a key factor that promotes healthy hair. Consume more leafy vegetables and fruits. Drink lots of water and have fresh juices.  Try to maintain your body temperature normal.

  1. Exercise Regularly

Just perform these changes and see the difference. I do not recommend any artificial products or cosmetics as I am a total believer in herbal way of treating things as the latter, at least helps to an extent. So people it is in your hands. All you need to have is patience and your time for your hair’s health. And have a great and beautiful hair. :)

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