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There are many types of heels available in the market as beautiful footwear. Today’s make over of youngsters is incomplete without these fashionable accessories. But the question is whether they are really conductive to physical comfort, especially foot-related.

As we are aware footwear is one of the most important factors, leading to foot-related ailments. About 80% of all foot problems, especially among women are caused by defective footwear, the culprit being the high-heels.

Heels more than 2 inches high can not only damage a woman’s posture, and can increase the risk of falling, but can also cause permanent damage. Though it is presumed that high heels are style statements and enhance personality, few realize that it would cost dearly.

We must also know that stiletto heels transmit a large amount of force in a small area, and are therefore often strengthened by a metal rod, and a metal or hard plastic tip. Such a heel exerts much pressure.

Here are some high heel problems that might occur:

Knee is the common site of Osteoarthritis among woman. Constant use of high-heeled shoes cause the feet to lose the ability to absorb the shock of impact, which is therefore transferred to knee.

Achilles Tendonitis:
This problem occurs when the large tendon that connects the calf muscles to the heel bone becomes shortened. It then becomes irritated and swells.

Muscle Tear:
Sprains and muscle tears occur due to lack of stability.

Callouses and Corns:
These are caused by pressure and friction. Such a tendency is found when the foot presses against the inside of shoe or when toes are pressed together. This leads to the formation of thick hard areas of skin called corns.

This foot ailment occurs when the second toe buckles under itself to relieve pressure. Then it rubs against the inside of shoe. In due course of time, this causes the toe to take on a claw-like appearance and a hard corn develops on top of the toe.

Inflammation of bones near the ball of the foot.

Neuromas are pinched nerves near the ball of the foot. In-grown toenails are caused by tight stockings. The edge of a toenail grows into the surrounding skin causing swelling and pain. Bunions occur when the big toe is forced inward and the joint is forced outward, causing swelling, pain and eventually bony growth.

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