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Ears have been in the distant, the way these are domestic|कान में जम गई हो गंदगी तो दूर करने के ये हैं घरेलू उपाय|

ear The ears
The ears of our body is a very sensitive organ. In addition, some don’t so you have to go to. Ears in the dirt or be a khōṇṭa is common. This year in the name of vaiksa is also known as. It is true that many domestic measures, careful with khōṇṭa clean can be, but with the precautions must be.
If khōṇṭa very hard and has been well, it is better that you surgical doctor to have it. With ears to any kind of risks to take heavy. To the ears of cerumen khōṇṭa also known as. It’s like jail lyūbrikēṇṭa which is made from Dead Iraqis. Besides, this subtle phaiṭa and hair are also met.
Although the year vaiksa ears for protection but most when it is stored then to hear that at least. Many times because of this ear pain and the risk of infection. It also blocks īyaraḍrama.
Īyaraphōna like equipment to use and-ish year-bulky to be used in the ears of khōṇṭa inside the store. Many kind of problems can be.
From these domestic measures can clean her ears khōṇṭa:
1. Ears to clear the khōṇṭa this is the oldest method. Ears in one or two drops of almond oil and head in the same direction mōṛakara. Five minutes in the same stage with soft khōṇṭa will be resting and will be out.
2. Almond Oil with the same kind of mustard oil is also used to be brought in. Mustard on the quality of the oil should be high. Oil using khōṇṭa gets loose and easily comes out.
3. Almond Oil and mustard oil like baby oil also can be used. If you believe that you will be a year of bulky, using the same khōṇṭa trying out. Or go see a doctor.
4. Many people ears khōṇṭa of to clean up the apples and hydrogen pittochry parāksā’iḍa manipulation. But nothing to use once before doctor must take the advice of. Don’t be right, some wrong.
So many people are in that ear also put hēyarapina, such as the sēphṭī pin,. It can be dangerous.
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