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 Beauty Benefits Of Bottle Gourd (Lauki) Juice That Can Make Your Skin Look Younger

8 Beauty Benefits Of Bottle Gourd (Lauki) Juice That Can Make Your Skin Look Younger

Bottle gourd might not sound as a delight for your taste buds but knowing about the benefits it has on your skin, you will surely fall in love with this pale veggie.

Bottle gourd (commonly known as lauki/ghiya) not only gives you the right nutrition to your body, but it also ups your beauty quotient.

For that natural glow

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Loaded with minerals, antioxidants and vitamins, bottle gourd juice can do wonders to your skin, lending it a healthy glow. Use it as your morning mantra as it aids proper functioning of your digestive system and makes your skin radiant. Have a glass full of bottle gourd juice every morning on a regular basis for better results.

Wrinkle-free skin

With powerhouse nutrients such as vitamin C and zinc, bottle gourd helps in tackling premature ageing. The juice helps slow down cell ageing and prevents wrinkles from appearing on the face. You can have the lauki cooked or in the juice form for consumption. You can also apply the juice externally on your face and neck area for beautiful skin.

Reduces pimples and acne

Bottle gourd juice effectively cleanses the system and keeps dirt, pollution and oil under control. Hence it balances the secretion of oil from the pores which in turn reduces pimples and breakouts. You can consume it cooked or as a juice to combat your skin related problems.

Smooth and clear skin

As bottle gourd purifies the blood, it helps in making the skin smooth and supple. It cleanses the body internally which eventually leads to a healthy, glowing and clear skin. Make a smoothening face pack using cucumber and bottle gourd in equal proportions. You can also add besan and curd if you wish. Apply it on your face for around twenty minutes and wash off with warm water. It will nourish your skin to the core and give it a butter-smooth feel at the same time.

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