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How Figs Help Prevent Cancer


How Cannabis Can Kill Cancer A lot has been said, read, heard, written and discussed about cancer but the mention of figs never came up. So, when the two words cancer and figs appeared side by side it was a bit surprising. What is it that makes them beneficial for cancer patients? Figs can also act as a preventive step against certain types of cancers. Before we go into how safe are figs for cancer patients it would be worthy enough to know about their nutritional value.
Figs Are A Great Source Of Fiber. Be it fresh or dry, they contain a good deal of fibrous matter that helps keep the digestive system upbeat. It is true that the fresh version should be preferred over the dry one since the sugar content in the dry one is very concentrated.
Foods That Prevent Pancreatic Cancer • Figs Are High In Iron. This means that munching of figs helps keep anemia at bay. • Figs Contain A Good Deal Of Calcium. Having a couple of fresh figs a day will provide you with enough calcium to maintain healthy bones.

Figs For Cancer Patients

Figs Contain Magnesium And K2 Vitamin. Along with calcium, the combination of magnesium and K2 is ideal for a healthy skeletal system. • Figs Are A Rich Source Of Antioxidants. The body requires antioxidants to fight free radicals. These free radicals can a cause of a variety of diseases. Including figs in the diet can help ward of diseases. • Figs Help Lower Triglyceride Levels: Triglyceride levels are a sure marker to the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Since figs help keep these in control, they are considered good for heart health.
The benefits of figs do not stop here. Fresh or dried, figs are always a good source of nutrition. However, what we are more concerned about here is the role of figs in the lives of cancer patients. Cancer is a monster that is engulfing the world. There are numerous types of cancers and treatment for each one of them is uncertain. So, when something shows a ray of hope in preventing and curing cancer it is ought to be considered.

Colon Cancer:

In order to prevent or cure colon cancer, it is important to have a healthy digestive tract. As we have seen, both fresh and dried figs are a very good source or insoluble fiber. They provide bulk to the undigested matter and makes movement easy. For those suffering from colon cancer a dose of fresh figs can be helpful in providing fibrous food. Figs also serve as a preventive step in the case of colon cancer due to its high fiber content.

Figs For Cancer Patients

Post-Menopausal Breast Cancer: The presence of free radicals is considered to be one of the most important causes of cancer. Figs are a rich source of antioxidants that help fight these free radicals. When it comes to post-menopausal women, the hormonal imbalance brings about greater threats. Having figs helps provide a layer of protection against free radicals in the body thereby helping prevent cancer

Figs For Cancer Patients

Liver Cancer:

     Similar to brain cancer cells, fig extracts have been administered to liver cancer cells and the results were jaw dropping. You would ask how safe are figs for cancer patients and this research would say almost hundred percent. The growth of the cancer cells was restricted almost completely and the pace of cure of almost ten times that of other treatments. There is no doubt about the fact that fresh figs are healthy for cancer patients. Fresh fruits always are a host of benefits and figs are no exception. Being beneficial for cancer patients gives it additional stars and highly recommended for inclusion in the diet. So, when fresh figs are in season treat yourself and your family to the soft, juicy and fragrant figs.

Brain Cancer:

Recent researches have thrown initial light on the effect of fig extracts on brain cancer cells. The results show that when fig extracts were administered to brain cancer cells they restrained the growth of the cells by close to seventy five percent.
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