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10 Health Benefits Of Eating Custard Apple During Pregnancy

Eating Custard Apple During Pregnancy

Nine months is ample time to taste all the seasonal fruits. When you are pregnant you can eat mangoes in summer, berries and plums in rainy, and apples, pears, grapes and more in winter. Custard apple is one such seasonal fruit, which you wouldn’t want to miss. Yes, the seeds are a little annoying, but it is worth the pain as the fruit is highly nutritious for both the mother and her unborn baby.

Why It Is Safe To Eat Custard Apple During Pregnancy:

Custard apple is rich in nutrients and calories. Also, the natural sugars in them help underweight pregnant women gain weight. It lowers the risk of abortion. You will also find it palatable when you develop a distaste for others foods, a common tendency during pregnancy.

1. Vitamins help in building fetal nerves and more:

A custard apple contains abundant amounts of vitamins A and C (1), which are essential for fetus development. Regular consumption of the fruit builds the fetal nerves, brain, and immune system. Also, as we all know, vitamin A is vital for good eye vision, skin and hair, while vitamin C fights off the free radicals in the body.

2. Reduces that agonizing labor pain:

Though not scientifically proven, traditional treatments believe that custard apple helps in reducing the pain during labor. It also minimizes the risk of miscarriage.

3. Be free of preemie fear:

The daily requirement of copper during pregnancy is 100 milligrams, and custard apple is a rich source of this mineral. Copper has an exceptional property of improving the hemoglobin levels and thereby preventing premature labor. Moreover, it helps in the healthy development of skin, tendons and blood vessels in the fetus.

4. No constipation troubles for you:

The high fiber content in custard apple eases the bowel movements and lowers the chances of constipation and related problems.

5. Treats morning sickness:

An excellent source of vitamin B6, custard apple helps you avoid morning sickness. Studies reveal that vitamin B6 aids in alleviating nausea (2).

6. Detoxifies the body:

The antioxidant nature of the fruit helps in removing the toxins from your body. It also deals with mood swings and numbness, which are common in pregnancy.7. Escape from that toothache:

7. Escape from that toothache:

It is quite common for you to suffer from dental problems such as a toothache or gum inflammation during pregnancy. Custard apple can relieve you of them.

8. Relaxes your muscles:

Magnesium is an essential element during pregnancy as it protects you from cardiac problems and aids in muscle relaxation.

9. Controls diarrhea and dysentery:

The fruit is a natural cure for diarrhea and dysentery. It is an excellent coolant, stimulant, and expectorant properties.


10. Apply that paste on your skin:

The flesh of custard apple can help treat skin infections such as ulcers and abscesses. Prepare a paste from the pulp, and apply on the affected region twice a day.

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