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 Health Benefits Of Chiku Or Sapota


energy. Chikus are literally a storehouse of nutrients. The plentiful health benefits of chikus come from the vast variety of its nutrient content. The flesh of the chikus is brown and juicy. Both the flesh and peel of this fruit can be easily eaten and digested by human beings. There are seeds at the centre of the chiku that need to be discarded. Even small babies who do not have teeth yet can enjoy the health benefits of chiku because it is such a soft and mushy fruit. Here is a total head count of all the health benefits of chiku.

Instant Energy Chiku has a very high amount of glucose in it. Having a single chiku can replenish all your body’s sugars in a matter of minutes. That is why, this fruit is very good for pregnant women, and growing children who need that extra energy.

Prevents Constipation Chiku has plenty of dietary fibres that helps to keep bowel movements regular. In fact, its soft texture makes it a very effective laxative.

Mental Well Being Chiku has the capacity to calm your nerves and also to help you reduce stress. That is why, people who are prone to anxiety should have chiku as a way to sedate themselves.

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