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chiku is a fruit that is very popular in India and the tropical regions. This tropical fruit grows on a tree that is called Sapota. But in many cases, chiku is also called sapota by the name of the tree that bears it. Sapota or chiku are sometimes also referred to as ‘nose berries’ though they have no connection to the berry family at all. Chiku is a healthy fruit that is also extremely delicious. The health benefits of chiku often get ignored because it is seen as a very fattening fruit. If you are on a diet to lose weight, your dietitian will put you off some fruits like bananas, chiku and grapes. But health benefits of chiku far out weighs its calorie content. Besides, this healthy fruit is filled with natural sugars that can give you plenty of energy. Chikus are literally a storehouse of nutrients. The plentiful health benefits of chikus come from the vast variety of its nutrient content. The flesh of the chikus is brown and juicy. Both the flesh and peel of this fruit can be easily eaten and digested by human beings. There are seeds at the centre of the chiku that need to be discarded. Even small babies who do not have teeth yet can enjoy the health benefits of chiku because it is such a soft and mushy fruit. Here is a total head count of all the health benefits of chiku. Instant Energy Chiku has a very high amount of glucose in it. Having a single chiku can replenish all your body’s sugars in a matter of minutes. That is why, this fruit is very good for pregnant women, and growing children who need that extra energy. Prevents Constipation Chiku has plenty of dietary fibres that helps to keep bowel movements regular. In fact, its soft texture makes it a very effective laxative. Mental Well Being Chiku has the capacity to calm your nerves and also to help you reduce stress. That is why, people who are prone to anxiety should have chiku as a way to sedate themselves. Good For Strong Bones One of the main health benefits of chiku is that it is rich in calcium. This extra calcium helps to strengthen your bones. Women who are prone to osteoporosis should have more chikus. For Better Vision Vitamin A is abundantly present chikus. And Vitamin A is very essential for maintaining good vision. So, feed chiku to your kids so that they have a better eyesight. Glowing Skin Chiku actually has all the skin-friendly nutrients in it. But the most notable one is Vitamin E that helps you glow with good health. Cancer Protection The Vitamin A and B helps to keep the mucus lining of the body well lubricated. This mucus membrane helps to repel many cancer infections. Chiku also contains many antioxidants that helps to protect against cancer. Good For Pregnant Women Chiku can give you lots of carbohydrates and glucose in a single shot. That is why, it is very helpful for pregnant women and lactating mothers. Anti-inflammatory Properties Chikus have a chemical called tannins that has anti-inflammatory properties. This helps to prevent inter-inflammation, especially of the gastrointestinal tract. Helps Lose Weight Chikus help in the secretion of many digestive enzymes that helps to speed up the metabolic rate. When your rate of metabolism is high, you lose weight indirectly. Cleans Up Dandruff The seeds of the chiku can be grounded and mixed with castor oil. Massage your hair with this oil and leave it overnight. Wash your hair the next day and you will wash away all the dandruff that has been troubling you. Fights Diarrhea Chiku is a fruit that is supposed to help you stop loose motions. Boiling chiku in water and having it can be a natural cure for diarrhoea and dysentery. Removes Kidney Stones The seeds of the chiku that you actually discard have diuretic properties. Having the crushed seed of chikus can help to remove stones from your kidneys. Stems Blood Flow The leaves of the sapota plant and also the crushed seeds of the fruit chiku have the ability to stem blood flow. That is why, sapota is a great home remedy for piles and even minor injuries. Softens Hair If your hair is rough and dry, then nothing like chiku to soften it. Apply the soft mass of the chiku on your hair to moisturise it naturally. Anti-bacterial Properties Chiku has plenty of Vitamin C that is extremely potent for fighting of bacterial infections. Fights Wrinkles Chiku is a fruit that is rich in antioxidants. Apart from cleaning up the system and fighting cancer, antioxidants also delay ageing. Reduces Hairfall Sapota seed oil is a very rare and effective hair oil for people who suffer from scalp infection and dermatological problems. Detox Your Body The healthy fruit chiku has diuretic properties. Thus it helps to flush out the toxins from your body easily. Cough n Cold The ample amounts of Vitamin C in chiku makes it very effective against cough and cold. Having this fruit regularly can help you cure chronic cold infections. Helps Digestion You can easily give chiku to small babies and old people who have reduced digestive capacities. This is because this fruit is really easy to digest. Cures Fungal Infection The sapota plant has thick creamy sap that has excellent anti-fungal properties. This sap can help to cure fungal infections like warts that erupt on the skin.

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