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How to use apples for beauty, skin

From years apple has gained wider importance among people for its benefits. Along with health, apple today has also considered apple as an element of beauty benefit. You can now get beautiful and glowing skin after consuming apple in raw form. Since apple is such a wonderful fruit that contains skin friendly nutrients such as copper and vitamin C, you can now consume a single apple a day to get skin like youths.

Essential nutrients inside your body will be retained easily with the consumption of apple. The essential minerals such as potassium that is required for your skin is also available in apple. Your facial appearance will also change and become much more charming after consuming apple.

You must have heard the proverb that, ‘ An apple a day keeps doctors away’. Yes, apple is really very advantageous with regards to health. But today we are glad to realize that this also work well for hair and skin care benefit. We are going to speak about the benefits of having apples for hair care as well as skin care. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals which is really advantageous for your health. The fiber content of apple is also one of the added advantage for getting good skin tone.

BLT skin

Researchers have even tapered this one down to the types of apple fruit that will most effectively brighten, soothe and lighten (hence, BLT) the skin. These red delicious apple fruit have the largest content of collagen and elastic, the stuff that makes your skin remain youthful and flawless. Load up on the GS and RD apple fruit, ‘cause they’re gonna help you keep your rosy, youthful glow forever.
  • Toned and clearer skin
    Apple cider vinegar has been verified to rid the skin’s pores of pathogens and oil, which are two foremost factors that results in acne and pimples. The vinegar can furthermore balance the skin’s PH levels, which will permit the skin to stop overproduction of  its own oils. Get your hands on a high value apple cider vinegar and dilute it (one part vinegar, eight parts water). Dip a cotton ball and apply to skin just as you would do with a toner, then wash it off thoroughly!  Apple fruit makes it very simple and easy to bid farewell  to pimples/acne.
  • UV protection
    Accept the fact or not, Braeburn apple fruit really contains UVB defending particles! This wouldn’t replace wearing an SPF lotion on your skin (always wear SPF) but can only give extra protection from suns rays. And if this wasn’t enough to drive you to the apple orchard on a sunny day, apple fruit can treat sunburns and prevent them from peeling. Just blend a teaspoon of glycerin (you can buy it at drugstores or large-scale chain shopping centers) with the pulp from a grated apple fruit, slosh it up on your skin, relax for 15 minutes, then wash it off with cold water.
  • Restored hair
    Thanks to the many benefits associated with apple, your hair will stay longer and healthier because of a compound called procyanidin B-2 (scientific, I know) found in these delicious fruits. Long and glossy locks are everyone’s desire and apple fruit makes your desire come true – you could even go on one foot and call them your fairy godmothers.
  • Beauty benefits of apples for skin

    Skin’s waterproof barrier

    Since apple contains good amount of Vitamin C, there will be an ease in skin collagen production. Even a layer of healthy protein is always maintained over your skin layer which will help in acting as a waterproof barrier of your skin. If your body produces low collagen than what is needed, there will be deficiency of vitamin C in your body which will once again give rise to sufferance due to reopening of the old wound.  When you are consuming a big apple, estimated vitamin C content in it is 10.3 milligrams. For maintaining proper luster over the skin layer of every lady, 14% of vitamin C is required daily which can be accomplished through apple consumption.

    Skin development

    If you want to stay beautiful, skin development is also one of the important consideration. Since apple contains good amount of Vitamin A, it will work well in the process of skin development. Some ladies might also have immature skin type which can be easily transformed into mature skin with the proper functioning of the skin tissue. Due to excess exposure to sun, some people can also get an effect of UV rays and which can even lead to skin cancer. But, if you can consume apple on a regular basis, chance of skin cancer becomes low.

  • Adequate melanin retention

    You must have seen people with white skin tone suffering from variety of skin problems and even skin cancer. It is due to lack of melanin production in your body. All micro organisms can easily attack your body and skin layer if there is no melanin layer in your skin. But, if you can consume apple regularly, production and retention of melanin on your skin can be easily accomplished.  Even melanin is good for natural sun protection which can form over your skin and protect you from various types of skin problems.

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